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UPDATE: Interview w/ DJ Beaver reveals Dubstep GR Promotion Could Change

We took the opportunity to check in with PLURfect productions and get the scoop on the recent Dubstep GR Promotion for minors who received citations for underage drinking at the OUTTA TOWN OUTTA MIND event on January 29th, 2011.

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Bar Review: The Mars Bar in Hamtramck
Classic movies play nightly at Mars Bar

The Mars bar has only been open for a few weeks, but its quirky theme and urban charm offer an experience thats a bit different than the other pubs in Hamtramck. ┬áHere’s our impressions.

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Exodus: Electronica and Jazz Amidst Greektown
More dancing people!

On Monday and Thursday nights something intriguing is happening just off of Monroe Street in Greektown. As beats or notes strike out across the night sky amid a scenic deck view, you are truly reminded that there’s still intrigue and energy left in the heart of Detroit.

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Cool Band of the Week– Atari Teenage Riot

They’re from Germany, they’re loud, they’re angry, they’re noisy, and they rock. Sounding like a electro-rock Chuck Palahniuk novel, Atari Teenage Riot is a band you should definitely get to know.

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The State Of DJ’s In The Electronic Scene
DJ Kitty

There is a trend in the electronic music clubs, much as there is to the “goth” look for non-goth music. The trend in the clubs is in the type of DJing, however. It seems they have to turn what they do into an artform and
become an artist themselves. “What do they do?” you ask. They do what is called “beat matching”. They set
their mixers to have every song play at the same beat. This means either speeding songs up or slowing them down so every song matches the same beat.

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