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The Art of Wearing Defunct Band T-Shirts
Defunct band shirts... to wear or not to wear, that is the question...

What to do with the defunct band shirt? If you’re like me, you had a phase where every band you liked necessitated at least a single live show attendance and a mandatory T-shirt purchase. As your musical tastes piled up, so did your T-shirts. But what is one to do with their old shirts, the “Ghost of Christmas Past” of the T-shirt world?

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Monthly Beard Style: July ’10: “The Three Piece”

It’s been a long and hard month of facial hair growing (well a week more precisely), but the results are now in. Everyone’s favorite human chia pet (me) brings you this month’s exciting beard style for your enjoyment and consideration.

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Monthly Beard Style: The Mediterranean

Looking for a cool new way to grow your beard? Or looking to give your significant other some beard advice? Check out this month’s beard style!

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Indie Rock is the New Emo

If there’s two things true about the indie rock movement, they are that a) It sounds great, but b) It can be pretty damn depressing.

What do Bright Eyes, The Shins, Stars, Feist, and Deathcab For Cutie all have in common? They’re all labeled as stars of the indie rock movement. However, examining it closely, much of the “indie” movement appears derived from the “emo” rock movement. Both movements dwell on the same themes — heartbreak, sorrow, and frustration — but the art form has been refined.

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