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Record Review: Dryvel’s “He Walks Alone”

He Walks Alone was produced in 2009 and finished in 2010. It marks the band’s second full length release — the first in eight years, and their first one since high school, more notably. It is a concept album to boot. The concept is the story of a young guitarist who is trying to find his way in life and faces a lot of struggles in his quest for identity.

It falls roughly into the punk/alternative genre. The closest example I can come up with for a similar artist is Rise Against. Like that band, they feature fast-yet-catchy guitar riffs, emotional lyrics, and chorus-style vocals.

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Dryvel and The Finer Things Rock the Belmont
Dryvel: 2010 era

Traveling to the familiar metro sprawl of downtown Hamtramck, we caught two exciting local bands — Dryvel and The Finer Things doing their thing at the Belmont…

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Movie Review: Saw 3D
It's the same old Saw torture trap formula, this time with a bit more cohesive plot and 3D gloss.

Detroit Chic Rating: ** out of *****
Saw 3D manages a bit of surprising edginess, wit, and plot. That said weak acting, the seemingly incomprehensible stupidity at times of characters, melodrama, and lack of originality drags this movie from a few stars to a couple. There’s no new ground tread here, just a journey down a well-beaten path by a veteran guide. At the end of the day, for Halloween movies, you could do a lot worse than Saw 3D.

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Movie Review: The Kids Are All Right
"The Kids Are All Right" poster

Detroit Chic reviews “The Kids Are All Right”, a hot new indie film with the courage to tackle modern relationships and uncomfortable family situations.

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Bar Review: The Mars Bar in Hamtramck
Classic movies play nightly at Mars Bar

The Mars bar has only been open for a few weeks, but its quirky theme and urban charm offer an experience thats a bit different than the other pubs in Hamtramck.  Here’s our impressions.

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Review: She & Him

Listening to She & Him always makes me want to throw on my best polka dotted button-up and ride my ’62 Schwinn to the record store for some dusty, forgotten vinyl that still holds the smell of the donors attic.

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Band Profile: Silversun Pickups

The Silversun Pickups are an indie band that doesn’t sound like your average indie band. They have bits of emocore, classic rock revitalism, and psychedelia blended in. Together they offer up a unique brand of rock and roll.

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Review: Paris Crepes, Detroit

Located along Woodward, within a stone’s throw of the Detroit Institute of Arts is a thriving little bakery. The menu revolves around a single dish — crepes — but the taste and feel is anything but predictable. Find out more about this local gem below…

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Movie Review: Awake

Well, there goes 84 minutes of my life that I can never get back, I thought. At least it was only 84 minutes. Medical “thriller” “Awake” was a stark disappointment. The idea behind it was intriguing, that of a man (Christensen) experiencing what is known as Anesthesia Awareness during a heart transplant operation.

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CD Review: Hinterland- Pan Pan Medico

Moody, New Wave-Flavored Dreampop At Its BestBand/Singer: HinterlandAlbum Title: Pan Pan MedicoRelease Date: 2/19/2008 (on Submerged Records)Genre: Pop/Indie/New WaveRating:  ****  out of 5 starsRunning Time: 49:52 (All pictures courtesy of Hinterland and Submerged Records)

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