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Blackberries Chocolate Café – A Delicious Local Detroit Company

When it comes to chocolate, Blackberries Chocolate Café of Detroit makes their beloved treats as delicious works of art

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Wild Blue – Soon to be your Favorite Beer!
Wild Blue Beer

Ever have those days where you dream up a hybrid spawn between a beer and a wine? While the answer is here with Wild Blue! The little bottle with a big taste…

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CD Review:Smashing Pumpkins: Zeitgeist
Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist

Last year Smashing Pumpkin fans finally had reason to hope that they might get what they were waited seven long years for– a new album. However, with the release of Zeitgeist, the Pumpkins new effort, old fans will experience nothing but letdown. If this is the best that Billy Corgan can come up with after a seven-year hiatus, then it is rather pathetic. At the core of the album’s problems is the wall of guitar noise which masks Billy’s voice. If this was done intentionally, I do not know why.

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CD Review: Hinterland- Pan Pan Medico

Moody, New Wave-Flavored Dreampop At Its BestBand/Singer: HinterlandAlbum Title: Pan Pan MedicoRelease Date: 2/19/2008 (on Submerged Records)Genre: Pop/Indie/New WaveRating:  ****  out of 5 starsRunning Time: 49:52 (All pictures courtesy of Hinterland and Submerged Records)

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Honest Tea – A Beverage For Real People

    Ever just get sick of that sugar crash in-between drinking your beverages?  Well a sincere solution has finally come – Honest Tea! This company offers a variety of low calorie, Organic, Kosher, Fair Trade beverages that work to improve the world in an Honest way.  And they taste really good!   (All Pictures Courtesy of Honest Tea) 

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CD Review: Charlotte Gainsbourg- 5:55

A Light, Fluffy, But Solid AlbumBand/Singer: Charlotte Gainsbourg (feat. Air)Album Title: 5:55Release Date: 4/18/2007 (in America, via Vice)Native Release Date: 9/15/2006Genre: French PopRating:  **** 1/2  out of 5 stars

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Restaurant Review: Basil & Roma’s Cafe

{moshits} Views Review: Basil and Roma's CafeType of Food: Modern International Healthy CuisineVegetarian Friendly?: YesLocation: Auburn Rd., in a strip mall on the south side of the road, just west of the Auburn and Rochester Rd. intersection  

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Movie Review: The best are often left un-rented…

{moshits} Views     Back in September, while most of us were indulging in the humor of Good Luck Chuck and the drama of Eastern Promises, a magnificent and remarkable movie crept onto movie store shelves, largely unnoticed… (All images courtesy of Sony Classics)

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Chainmail Fashion

{moshits} Views Ever see something so attention-grabbing, that you just have to have it? Well, this is sure to happen when you check out the dazzling fashion line from Escama…. (Escama "Gladiator" belt pictured right)

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