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Lollapalooza Survival Guide

Summer festivals are at the pinnacle of popularity and seem to be getting hotter each year. With several returning fests and some debuting this year, one that most seem to know, even if they can’t pronounce it, is Lollapalooza.

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Review: The Bronx

There’s something about dive bars that makes them cooler than night clubs.

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Banff Chic: A Brief List of What’s Worthwhile in This Mountain Town

This month I’m outside my beloved Michigan travelling through the Canadian Rockies. I’ve spent a week in Lake Louise thus far. In my adventures I have discovered the town of Banff — a thriving, young, affluent town similar to a Royal Oak, albeit with a much more athletic population (no offense, RO). I spent a day trying to dig up its hidden cool spots and here’s what I discovered.

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Bar Review: The Mars Bar in Hamtramck
Classic movies play nightly at Mars Bar

The Mars bar has only been open for a few weeks, but its quirky theme and urban charm offer an experience thats a bit different than the other pubs in Hamtramck.  Here’s our impressions.

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New Look!

Check out Detroit Chic’s redesigned page and start learning more about art, music, fashion, eats, and nightspots in Detroit!

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Review: She & Him

Listening to She & Him always makes me want to throw on my best polka dotted button-up and ride my ’62 Schwinn to the record store for some dusty, forgotten vinyl that still holds the smell of the donors attic.

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US Social Forum Hits Detroit

If you take a stroll, run, or drive down Woodward you may have noticed a bunch of tents pitched by Comerica Park. Curious at what was going on we asked — and we were clued into the U.S. Social Forum, a nation and international movement to support a variety of progressive objectives.

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Indie Rock is the New Emo

If there’s two things true about the indie rock movement, they are that a) It sounds great, but b) It can be pretty damn depressing.

What do Bright Eyes, The Shins, Stars, Feist, and Deathcab For Cutie all have in common? They’re all labeled as stars of the indie rock movement. However, examining it closely, much of the “indie” movement appears derived from the “emo” rock movement. Both movements dwell on the same themes — heartbreak, sorrow, and frustration — but the art form has been refined.

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CD Review: The Black Keys- Attack and Release
The Black Keys

On April 1st, the blues-rock duo known as The Black Keys released their 5th album, Attack and Release. The band, hailing from Akron, Ohio, got a little help this time around from producer Danger Mouse (who also plays piano and organ on the record). Since the release, the fellas Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have received high praise and more media attention than usual, thanks to the new production.

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Taste Of Chaos 2008, Your Reviews, Pictures and More!
Singer of band

Housed on the GA Floor of Cobo Hall, eight amazing bands set out to stun people of all ages for the Rockstar Taste of Chaos Tour 2008 (TOC ’08). Headliner Avenged Sevenfold put on thier best performance to date while Atreyu and Bullet for My Valentine put on shows that left fans speechless.

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