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Wild Blue – Soon to be your Favorite Beer!
Wild Blue Beer

Ever have those days where you dream up a hybrid spawn between a beer and a wine? While the answer is here with Wild Blue! The little bottle with a big taste…

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Hapa – The Art Project that has become a Masterpiece.
HAPA Project

The Hapa Project tackles the question “Who am I?” The reply involves more than just a “check all the boxes that apply” answer…

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Concert Review: 3.14.2008- Mustard Plug, The Red Shift…
Spick of it all

Two Fridays back Detroit Chic landed at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor to experience a little slice of ska and a minor helping of punk. Through a glorious night which featured the likes of Cheap Like Girls, Spick of It All, The Red Shift, and Mustard Plug (all local), Detroit Chic writers Jason Mick and Anna Kotov were battered bruised, but had a great time. The bands put on a power packed performance that did not disappoint…

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Concert Review: Metro Times Blowout
Metro Times Blowout Poster

Two weekends ago, Detroit Chic made its trek to the annual Metro Times blowout. The event, currently in its eleventh year is put on, as one might ascertain by the popular periodical Metro Times. This year the event, held in Hamtramck, featured 20 bars, cafes, and venues. Wednesday through Saturday was one big mass of music, with a virtual smorgasboard of 230+ local bands playing over the course of the weekend. If you have a friend in a local band, chances are they might have played. The event was everything you might expect– grand and energy packed at sometimes, tired and lackluster at others.

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Disposable Teens (A Highlighted History of the Paper Dress)
Three women in different paper dresses

The innovative idea of a paper dress has become an icon of the generation that felt disposable. The throwaway accessory to life began as a small marketing idea that exploded into a short trend during the late 1960’s. With a recent revival in interest in paper dresses, its worth a look back at the history of the trend…

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The State Of DJ’s In The Electronic Scene
DJ Kitty

There is a trend in the electronic music clubs, much as there is to the “goth” look for non-goth music. The trend in the clubs is in the type of DJing, however. It seems they have to turn what they do into an artform and
become an artist themselves. “What do they do?” you ask. They do what is called “beat matching”. They set
their mixers to have every song play at the same beat. This means either speeding songs up or slowing them down so every song matches the same beat.

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Music Review: Todd Alsup

"If you feel like struttin', baby go on and strut."      Todd Alsup’s music is often classified using three words: rock, pop and soul. Although I am not certain that these three words hold an accurate description for the happenings when Alsup sits behind the piano or simply stands on stage, it was not the genre of music that attracted me to [...]

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Rob’s Cult Corner #2: “No Such Thing”

                                                                      Cult Classic #2Title: No Such ThingStudio: MGM (Video & DVD)DVD Release Date: July 9, 2002Rating: **** 1/2 out of ***** Starring: Sarah Polley, Robert John Burke, Helen Mirren, Julie ChristieDirector: Hal HartleyRated: R     Run Time: 103 minutes      This movie has so many facets to it: comedy, drama and ethical situations.  It is taking shot at the media [...]

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Venue/Cafe Review: Cass Cafe

    You'll be hard pressed to find a cooler, more attractive location in Detroit than the Cass Cafe .  While many have unfortunately never heard of this catch, those who have will nod knowingly.  Located a stone's throw from Wayne's campus on Cass street (as the name implies) the Cass Cafe rests midway between Twingos and University Towers — Wayne's [...]

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Honest Tea – A Beverage For Real People

    Ever just get sick of that sugar crash in-between drinking your beverages?  Well a sincere solution has finally come – Honest Tea! This company offers a variety of low calorie, Organic, Kosher, Fair Trade beverages that work to improve the world in an Honest way.  And they taste really good!   (All Pictures Courtesy of Honest Tea) 

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