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Jaws Jumbo Burgers: Worth Sinking Your Teeth Into

I love sharks. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. So imagine my excitement when I heard about a Jaws-themed restaurant in Michigan…

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Review: The Finer Things & Syndicate at the Blind Pig
Dave Hawkins and Joey Shaheen rocking out to Lady Gaga (Image by: Jason Mick)

Local talent is something that never falls short in Detroit, from artists selling paintings on random street corners to musicians filling venues like St. Andrews and the Magic Stick. But this time, we stepped out of Detroit to check out local Michigan bands in Ann Arbor

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Sufjan Stevens: New Album and An Upcoming Detroit Tour Date

Accompanying the new EP and full-length album is a tour through the U.S. and Canada that spans the fall months. More specifically (and more importantly), Stevens will be in Royal Oak, Michigan on October 14

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Texting Ban
Don't text while driving

The beginning of July brought a new law to Michigan making it illegal to read, type, or send text messages while driving.

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Review: Paris Crepes, Detroit

Located along Woodward, within a stone’s throw of the Detroit Institute of Arts is a thriving little bakery. The menu revolves around a single dish — crepes — but the taste and feel is anything but predictable. Find out more about this local gem below…

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Plymouth’s Green Street Fair
Go Green

Looking for something fun, environmentally-friendly, and best of all, FREE to do this weekend? Whole Foods Market is featuring the Green Street Fair in downtown Plymouth, today and tomorrow. Aside from a wide variety of vendors, the weekend festival will feature informational and exciting films, demonstrations, yoga activities, and speakers.

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Concert Review: 4.11.08– Mary Shaw EP Release Show
Mary Shaw

Detroit Chic braves a night of brutal metal, beautiful girls, and bully cops.

Having long heard positive things about the (almost) all girl metal act Mary Shaw, I was excited to do some coverage for Detroit Chic of the band, at last. Mary Shaw was playing at the Modern Exchange in Southgate, a venue which by day is a clothing shop in the front, and also sells local artists cds. Located just off exit 40 of I-75, the Modern Exchange is a hotbed for local talent. Behind the small shop, it holds the venue — a massive standing room and a large stage. The place is decorated with local art giving it a stylish feel.

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CD Review: The Reptilian- We Have Become EP

The Reptilian, an ambient/progressive rock/hardcore Kalamazoo standout recently featured in a concert review at Detroit Chic , just released a new EP title “We Have Become”, which we had the privilege of reviewing. The price is a very standard $5 per copy, which boils down to about $1 a song, a pretty fair price, in our mind.

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Concert Review: CBJ, Dryvel, Spades Alone, Proj. Gift- 4.5.08

Last Saturday a group of some of Detroit’s most talented local acts assembled, surprisingly, at T.N.T.’s bar in Clinton Township (about 30 minutes west of Troy/Rochester). Detroit Chic was on scene to cover Spades Alone, Dryvel, CBJ, and Projekt Gift in their romp through an energetic night of music. The bands each showcased unique talent and promise and did not disappoint.

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Concert Review: The Reptilian, Native,… 4.4.08
Civil Hands

On the first Friday night of April, the basement of 902 Davis St. was packed with dozens of music fans. Some, like us at Detroit Chic had travelled from far away. Others were locals, soaking in the music. Regardless of where you were from, though, soon everyone shared the commonality of being blown away by a night of energized rock.

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