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April is National Poetry Month; Monday’s Poem of the Week
April is Poetry Month!!

Greetings, readers! April is a very special month. Since 1996 it has been designated as National Poetry month. What is poetry? Poetry is one of those simultaneously almost indescribable and altogether wonderful expressions of humanity.

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Book Review: The Road By Cormac McCarthy

{moshits} Views It has been well over a year since I first encountered Cormac McCarthy’s novel the Road.  I was aware of it for quite a while, due to the fact that it was in Oprah’s book club, and any book in that category sells like crazy at my work.…   

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Editorial: Open Letter To Readers

Dear Readers:
You have found your way to Detroit Chic, a spot which I hope will become a bit of an oasis for you in the vast expanse of cold internet. I’d like to briefly tell you a bit about what the site stands for, and why it should interest you….

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