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Cool Band of the Week– Atari Teenage Riot

They’re from Germany, they’re loud, they’re angry, they’re noisy, and they rock. Sounding like a electro-rock Chuck Palahniuk novel, Atari Teenage Riot is a band you should definitely get to know.

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Music Review: Todd Alsup

"If you feel like struttin', baby go on and strut."      Todd Alsup’s music is often classified using three words: rock, pop and soul. Although I am not certain that these three words hold an accurate description for the happenings when Alsup sits behind the piano or simply stands on stage, it was not the genre of music that attracted me to [...]

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Venue/Cafe Review: Cass Cafe

    You'll be hard pressed to find a cooler, more attractive location in Detroit than the Cass Cafe .  While many have unfortunately never heard of this catch, those who have will nod knowingly.  Located a stone's throw from Wayne's campus on Cass street (as the name implies) the Cass Cafe rests midway between Twingos and University Towers — Wayne's [...]

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CD Review: Hinterland- Pan Pan Medico

Moody, New Wave-Flavored Dreampop At Its BestBand/Singer: HinterlandAlbum Title: Pan Pan MedicoRelease Date: 2/19/2008 (on Submerged Records)Genre: Pop/Indie/New WaveRating:  ****  out of 5 starsRunning Time: 49:52 (All pictures courtesy of Hinterland and Submerged Records)

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Movie Review: There Will Be Blood

Release Date: 12/26/2007 Rated: R  Running Time: 158 min.Detroit Chic Rating: ***** out of 5 There Will Be Blood, written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and based on the Upton Sinclair novel 'Oil!', is one of the most enjoyable character driven films to come out in a some time. It is somewhat noticeable, if you're a movie fanatic, that [...]

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CD Review: Charlotte Gainsbourg- 5:55

A Light, Fluffy, But Solid AlbumBand/Singer: Charlotte Gainsbourg (feat. Air)Album Title: 5:55Release Date: 4/18/2007 (in America, via Vice)Native Release Date: 9/15/2006Genre: French PopRating:  **** 1/2  out of 5 stars

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