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The Art of Wearing Defunct Band T-Shirts
Defunct band shirts... to wear or not to wear, that is the question...

What to do with the defunct band shirt? If you’re like me, you had a phase where every band you liked necessitated at least a single live show attendance and a mandatory T-shirt purchase. As your musical tastes piled up, so did your T-shirts. But what is one to do with their old shirts, the “Ghost of Christmas Past” of the T-shirt world?

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DIY Street Fair 2010

The weather has been chilly and rainy as we enter the fall season, but the sun decided to stick around long enough for the last big festival of summer: The DIY Street Fair in Ferndale

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The 4th Annual People’s Arts Festival
Installation Art

The last weekend of August heralded a festival brimming full of artistic talent. Every art form was represented; from sculpture to fashion Detroit has it all!

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Chelsea’s Top Fashion Picks

What would you call “window shopping on-line”? Virtual browsing? Computer screen shopping? Screen scanning? Whatever you want to categorize it as, I do a lot of it.

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Monthly Beard Style: The Mediterranean

Looking for a cool new way to grow your beard? Or looking to give your significant other some beard advice? Check out this month’s beard style!

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Dream Fashion First

IADT's  fourth- annual fashion show!      Overwhelming waves of style hit the stage as models strutted in garments created by student designers during the International Academy of Design and Technology's(IADT) fourth-annual fashion design show. The show accurately named,  “Dream 4 2008” highlighted designs by more then 40 students dreaming to make an impression on the fashion industry.

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Disposable Teens (A Highlighted History of the Paper Dress)
Three women in different paper dresses

The innovative idea of a paper dress has become an icon of the generation that felt disposable. The throwaway accessory to life began as a small marketing idea that exploded into a short trend during the late 1960’s. With a recent revival in interest in paper dresses, its worth a look back at the history of the trend…

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Bloom Days: Spring Fashion blossom

Floral is one of the season’s most popular patterns! Masses of flowers have taken a turn in the fashion world, bombarding spring store fronts. From runways to retail racks, floral prints have bloomed onto the spring scene. Petite petals and grand flowered patterns decorate this season’s hottest dresses and blouses and grant them rich texture… (Photo caption courtesy of Whatever [...]

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Chainmail Fashion

{moshits} Views Ever see something so attention-grabbing, that you just have to have it? Well, this is sure to happen when you check out the dazzling fashion line from Escama…. (Escama "Gladiator" belt pictured right)

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Editorial: Open Letter To Readers

Dear Readers:
You have found your way to Detroit Chic, a spot which I hope will become a bit of an oasis for you in the vast expanse of cold internet. I’d like to briefly tell you a bit about what the site stands for, and why it should interest you….

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