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Niagara Nouveau
Niagara - "Bourbon"

Detroit’s Pop Art Princess has been getting around, with successful exhibits in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Sydney, Tokyo, and Traverse City…well a girl’s gotta début somewhere!! That’s right! Opening July 31st at InsideOut Gallery is Niagara’s first show in Michigan after ten years!

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Lollapalooza Survival Guide

Summer festivals are at the pinnacle of popularity and seem to be getting hotter each year. With several returning fests and some debuting this year, one that most seem to know, even if they can’t pronounce it, is Lollapalooza.

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Art Exhibition List – July / August
Joe Lewis Fist

Here is a random list of art exhibitions being held in and around the Metro Detroit Area. Enjoy!

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Texting Ban
Don't text while driving

The beginning of July brought a new law to Michigan making it illegal to read, type, or send text messages while driving.

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New Look!

Check out Detroit Chic’s redesigned page and start learning more about art, music, fashion, eats, and nightspots in Detroit!

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US Social Forum Hits Detroit

If you take a stroll, run, or drive down Woodward you may have noticed a bunch of tents pitched by Comerica Park. Curious at what was going on we asked — and we were clued into the U.S. Social Forum, a nation and international movement to support a variety of progressive objectives.

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Cool Band of the Week– Atari Teenage Riot

They’re from Germany, they’re loud, they’re angry, they’re noisy, and they rock. Sounding like a electro-rock Chuck Palahniuk novel, Atari Teenage Riot is a band you should definitely get to know.

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Music Updates, Spring Cleaning

It’s spring! I vowed to devote some weekly time to Detroit Chic this spring.

There’s a lot of good new music to report.

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Plum Street – Detroit’s Old Hippy Haven

San Francisco had Haight Ashbury… Detroit had Plum Street. This short-lived art community was the conduit of expression for the counterculture of the Motor City.

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Who Killed Detroit Chic?
A Clue for you!

What happened to Detroit Chic? And if it’s dead, who killed it?

This site operated for the better part of a year back in late 2007, early 2008, then went silent. So what happened?

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