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St. Patrick’s Day Preview

It’s the day before St. Patrick’s Day and you and your friends are still agonizing over where to spend the day. But fear not, Detroit Chic has spent the last few days checking out some local Irish hot spots to bring you all of the information…

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Detroit Chic Photo Contest!

Detroit Chic is excited to announce that it’s hosting a photography contest for aspiring photographers here in metro Detroit area.

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UPDATE: Interview w/ DJ Beaver reveals Dubstep GR Promotion Could Change

We took the opportunity to check in with PLURfect productions and get the scoop on the recent Dubstep GR Promotion for minors who received citations for underage drinking at the OUTTA TOWN OUTTA MIND event on January 29th, 2011.

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The 4th Annual People’s Arts Festival
Installation Art

The last weekend of August heralded a festival brimming full of artistic talent. Every art form was represented; from sculpture to fashion Detroit has it all!

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Detroit 1-8-7

Detroit will finally receive its time in the limelight as the focus of a new prime time TV show, with a controversial focus on crime. This show is cited to be ABC’s breakout title this season.

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Stars vs. The Arcade Fire Review Battle – Pt. I: The Five Ghosts
Stars: The Five Ghosts

We review the two hottest indie rock releases of the summer — Stars’ The Five Ghosts and The Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs and deem how they stack up to each other and the bands’ past work.

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10 Reasons to Keep Watching the Lions
Drew Stanton capped a beautiful drive with a heroic touchdown lunge last Sunday.; Source: AP

Not sure if the Detroit Lions are worth watching this year? We’d argue they are. Here’s our top 10 reasons why!

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Weekly Play List: August 10, 2010
Hard Times - Patrick Wolf

Kid Cudi pairs with Dan Black of Planet Funk on Symphonies, I’m From Barcelona redefines chamber pop, Peter Wolf channels his inner Bowie in “Hard Times” and more.

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Movie Review: The Kids Are All Right
"The Kids Are All Right" poster

Detroit Chic reviews “The Kids Are All Right”, a hot new indie film with the courage to tackle modern relationships and uncomfortable family situations.

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Chelsea’s Top Fashion Picks

What would you call “window shopping on-line”? Virtual browsing? Computer screen shopping? Screen scanning? Whatever you want to categorize it as, I do a lot of it.

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