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Dryvel and The Finer Things Rock the Belmont
Dryvel: 2010 era

Traveling to the familiar metro sprawl of downtown Hamtramck, we caught two exciting local bands — Dryvel and The Finer Things doing their thing at the Belmont…

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Stars Hits Detroit With an Indie Bang

Seeing Stars is the kind of wonderful experience you hope for every time you see a live show. This is a rock band that seems truly committed to their craft (pun partially intended as they are on the label Arts&Crafts, hardy har har!). The show cemented in my mind their status as one of the most powerful and creative forces in independent rock today. If you haven’t heard Stars, you should listen to them. And if you haven’t seen them, you SHOULD, it is well worth the $17 admission fee (or whatever it was after Ticketmaster’s cut).

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Big Rock Benefit Goes Down in Pontiac on Fri. Sept. 17

Hey all, A friend of Detroit Chic sent us this info about a big rock show that’s going down at the Crofoot in Pontiac on Sept. 17.  Tickets cost $10 in advance and proceeds will go towards cleaning up that Gulf Oil Spill and helping those effected!  Some great local bands like Squid the Whale are playing, so check it [...]

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Lollapalooza Survival Guide

Summer festivals are at the pinnacle of popularity and seem to be getting hotter each year. With several returning fests and some debuting this year, one that most seem to know, even if they can’t pronounce it, is Lollapalooza.

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Review: She & Him

Listening to She & Him always makes me want to throw on my best polka dotted button-up and ride my ’62 Schwinn to the record store for some dusty, forgotten vinyl that still holds the smell of the donors attic.

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Concert Review: CBJ, Dryvel, Spades Alone, Proj. Gift- 4.5.08

Last Saturday a group of some of Detroit’s most talented local acts assembled, surprisingly, at T.N.T.’s bar in Clinton Township (about 30 minutes west of Troy/Rochester). Detroit Chic was on scene to cover Spades Alone, Dryvel, CBJ, and Projekt Gift in their romp through an energetic night of music. The bands each showcased unique talent and promise and did not disappoint.

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Summer Music Festival Preview

As we reach the depressing apex of winter, many of our minds drift past the frost and frigidity and into dreams of months that don't end in "-uary". And no summer fantasy of mine is complete without the imaginative leaps to my annual trip to Bonnaroo music and arts festival in Tennessee. Music festivals are becoming more and more prevalent [...]

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