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Review: The Finer Things & Syndicate at the Blind Pig
Dave Hawkins and Joey Shaheen rocking out to Lady Gaga (Image by: Jason Mick)

Local talent is something that never falls short in Detroit, from artists selling paintings on random street corners to musicians filling venues like St. Andrews and the Magic Stick. But this time, we stepped out of Detroit to check out local Michigan bands in Ann Arbor

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Dryvel and The Finer Things Rock the Belmont
Dryvel: 2010 era

Traveling to the familiar metro sprawl of downtown Hamtramck, we caught two exciting local bands — Dryvel and The Finer Things doing their thing at the Belmont…

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Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s: New Album and Fall Tour
(SOURCE: Westword Blog)

There are tons of great shows coming to Detroit in the next couple of months, but my favorite September show so far is Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s

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Banksy in Detroit

Banksy – the world renowned graffiti artist- takes a liking to Detroit! New street art from Banksy has appeared at the Packard Plant after the original four dissipated.

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Camping out for a Cause: Relay for Life 2008
Relay for Life in Detroit

We have all been affected by it in some way, and once we hear that disgusting word in the same sentence as the name of anyone we know, we can feel it. We pick up hope in phrases, such as, “We don’t know for certain…yet” or “it might just be a lump.” But what happens when we do know for certain,and the lump is not just a lump? How can we deal with cancer’s invasion on someone we love or ourselves? We can remember. And celebrate. And fight back. We can raise over a quarter of a million dollars over 24 hours and thrust it toward the good guys.

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Concert Review: 3.14.2008- Mustard Plug, The Red Shift…
Spick of it all

Two Fridays back Detroit Chic landed at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor to experience a little slice of ska and a minor helping of punk. Through a glorious night which featured the likes of Cheap Like Girls, Spick of It All, The Red Shift, and Mustard Plug (all local), Detroit Chic writers Jason Mick and Anna Kotov were battered bruised, but had a great time. The bands put on a power packed performance that did not disappoint…

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