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The 4th Annual People’s Arts Festival
Installation Art

The last weekend of August heralded a festival brimming full of artistic talent. Every art form was represented; from sculpture to fashion Detroit has it all!

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Lollapalooza Survival Guide

Summer festivals are at the pinnacle of popularity and seem to be getting hotter each year. With several returning fests and some debuting this year, one that most seem to know, even if they can’t pronounce it, is Lollapalooza.

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Review: The Bronx

There’s something about dive bars that makes them cooler than night clubs.

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Ann Arbor’s Top of the Park
photo banner_0001_Photography by Tara McKinney

It's summer.  You're looking for something to do that's fun, outdoors, and inexpensive.  Well, look no further than the Ann Arbor Summer Festival at Top of the Park.  Each night of the week (except Mondays) there are fun activities for anyone and everyone.  

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Concert Calendar: July 2010

We have here for your viewing pleasure a list of the finest concerts in the city of Detroit for the month of July 2010.  Check these out.  Our personal pitch would be for The Heavy… they're a nice new sound out of England, slightly reminiscent of Bloc Party, etc.

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Peace, Love and LA Cafe

I didn’t know what to expect at first, but when we pulled up to the LA Café [Waterford] art fair, I was delightfully surprised and impressed that the name of the festival was “Peace Fest”. I found it ironic that I had decided to wear my floral vintage dress that day, as well as my companion chose to wear a shirt that had a peace sign on it, not knowing that we would be attending a celebration of peace.

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Pub Review: Sean O’Callaghan’s Bar

                   Perhaps after Monday you are suffering from a bit of St. Patrick's Day letdown.  Well, it can't always be St. Patrick's Day, but that doesn't mean you can't get lucky any day of the year.  Enter Sean O'Callaghan's, Traditional Irish Public House and perfect cure to the post-Paddy's blues.  With three locations in Brighton, Milford, and my personal [...]

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Local Events: Classic Movie Nights at the Penn Theatre

    I've always longed to sit in a dark movie theater with a giant tub of popcorn and a tall, perspiring fountain drink and watch some of the old movies I've never had the opportunity to see on the big screen, but living in an era where giant blockbuster films hog the theaters, it's rare to see any of the [...]

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Eats: Priya Indian Cuisine

{moshits} Views Type of Food: IndianLocation: The corner of Maple Rd. and Livernois Rd. in the plaza with Good Food CompanySpicy: YesOverall Rating: ****/5Service Rating ***/5Vegetarian Friendly: Yes

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