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DIY Street Fair 2010

The weather has been chilly and rainy as we enter the fall season, but the sun decided to stick around long enough for the last big festival of summer: The DIY Street Fair in Ferndale

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Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s: New Album and Fall Tour
(SOURCE: Westword Blog)

There are tons of great shows coming to Detroit in the next couple of months, but my favorite September show so far is Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s

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Fall Is Here, Pewabic Pottery Brings A Taste of Detroit to Art & Apple Fest

For those of you who prefer a slight chill in the air as opposed to humidity, your calendar probably looks a lot like mine…a big red circle around September 22, the first day of fall. And if you love the season as much as I do, you’re itching to dive right into all things autumn.

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Texting Ban
Don't text while driving

The beginning of July brought a new law to Michigan making it illegal to read, type, or send text messages while driving.

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New Look!

Check out Detroit Chic’s redesigned page and start learning more about art, music, fashion, eats, and nightspots in Detroit!

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Concert Calendar: July 2010

We have here for your viewing pleasure a list of the finest concerts in the city of Detroit for the month of July 2010.  Check these out.  Our personal pitch would be for The Heavy… they're a nice new sound out of England, slightly reminiscent of Bloc Party, etc.

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US Social Forum Hits Detroit

If you take a stroll, run, or drive down Woodward you may have noticed a bunch of tents pitched by Comerica Park. Curious at what was going on we asked — and we were clued into the U.S. Social Forum, a nation and international movement to support a variety of progressive objectives.

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Plum Street – Detroit’s Old Hippy Haven

San Francisco had Haight Ashbury… Detroit had Plum Street. This short-lived art community was the conduit of expression for the counterculture of the Motor City.

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Editorial: Slow Down For Nine Mile Workers

Nobody’s job is easy.  However, road workers have one of the hardest jobs of all.  And while most of us feel relatively safe at our jobs, road work can turn deadly.  Still, Michigan drivers seem to feel no need to slow down, as is evidenced by the construction zone by the Nine Mile bridge in Ferndale.

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Who Killed Detroit Chic?
A Clue for you!

What happened to Detroit Chic? And if it’s dead, who killed it?

This site operated for the better part of a year back in late 2007, early 2008, then went silent. So what happened?

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