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Detroit Chic Photo Contest!

Detroit Chic is excited to announce that it’s hosting a photography contest for aspiring photographers here in metro Detroit area.

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Jaws Jumbo Burgers: Worth Sinking Your Teeth Into

I love sharks. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. So imagine my excitement when I heard about a Jaws-themed restaurant in Michigan…

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The Walking Dead: New TV Show, Old Comic

There seems to be a zombie epidemic going around (not a real one, obviously, although that’d be awesome), but there’s no argument that AMC’s new show, The Walking Dead, is perhaps one of the most popular forms of zombie entertainment today

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Christmas Movie Madness
It's a Wonderful Life

Don’t you wish you could enjoy your favorite Christmas films on the big screen this year? Well, you can! Several theaters around the Metro-Detroit area are showing time-honored flicks this December to get us all into the Christmas spirit.

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Movie Review: Saw 3D
It's the same old Saw torture trap formula, this time with a bit more cohesive plot and 3D gloss.

Detroit Chic Rating: ** out of *****
Saw 3D manages a bit of surprising edginess, wit, and plot. That said weak acting, the seemingly incomprehensible stupidity at times of characters, melodrama, and lack of originality drags this movie from a few stars to a couple. There’s no new ground tread here, just a journey down a well-beaten path by a veteran guide. At the end of the day, for Halloween movies, you could do a lot worse than Saw 3D.

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Movie Review: Paranormal Activity 2
Paranormal Activity 2

Detroit Chic Rating: ** 1/2 out of ***** — My bottom line — go see Paranormal Activity 2 with some friends. It’s dumb fun, but it’s still fun. And it may be a whole lot less scary than the first movie — but perhaps that’s a good thing as you’ll probably actually be able to sleep after seeing it, this time around.

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Tiffany’s Fall Picks 2010

We’re quickly approaching October, and it’s almost time for all things scary

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DIY Street Fair 2010

The weather has been chilly and rainy as we enter the fall season, but the sun decided to stick around long enough for the last big festival of summer: The DIY Street Fair in Ferndale

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Fall Is Here, Pewabic Pottery Brings A Taste of Detroit to Art & Apple Fest

For those of you who prefer a slight chill in the air as opposed to humidity, your calendar probably looks a lot like mine…a big red circle around September 22, the first day of fall. And if you love the season as much as I do, you’re itching to dive right into all things autumn.

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Detroit 1-8-7

Detroit will finally receive its time in the limelight as the focus of a new prime time TV show, with a controversial focus on crime. This show is cited to be ABC’s breakout title this season.

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