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Review: Luna, Royal Oak

The Detroit Metro area is full of little places that are easy to miss if you’re driving faster than 30 mph…and if you’re ever on Royal Oak’s Main Street, you may want to keep your eyes open for a little place called Luna

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The Art of Wearing Defunct Band T-Shirts
Defunct band shirts... to wear or not to wear, that is the question...

What to do with the defunct band shirt? If you’re like me, you had a phase where every band you liked necessitated at least a single live show attendance and a mandatory T-shirt purchase. As your musical tastes piled up, so did your T-shirts. But what is one to do with their old shirts, the “Ghost of Christmas Past” of the T-shirt world?

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Sufjan Stevens: New Album and An Upcoming Detroit Tour Date

Accompanying the new EP and full-length album is a tour through the U.S. and Canada that spans the fall months. More specifically (and more importantly), Stevens will be in Royal Oak, Michigan on October 14

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Tiffany’s Fall Picks 2010

We’re quickly approaching October, and it’s almost time for all things scary

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DIY Street Fair 2010

The weather has been chilly and rainy as we enter the fall season, but the sun decided to stick around long enough for the last big festival of summer: The DIY Street Fair in Ferndale

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Fall Is Here, Pewabic Pottery Brings A Taste of Detroit to Art & Apple Fest

For those of you who prefer a slight chill in the air as opposed to humidity, your calendar probably looks a lot like mine…a big red circle around September 22, the first day of fall. And if you love the season as much as I do, you’re itching to dive right into all things autumn.

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The 4th Annual People’s Arts Festival
Installation Art

The last weekend of August heralded a festival brimming full of artistic talent. Every art form was represented; from sculpture to fashion Detroit has it all!

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Chelsea’s Top Fashion Picks

What would you call “window shopping on-line”? Virtual browsing? Computer screen shopping? Screen scanning? Whatever you want to categorize it as, I do a lot of it.

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Monthly Beard Style: July ’10: “The Three Piece”

It’s been a long and hard month of facial hair growing (well a week more precisely), but the results are now in. Everyone’s favorite human chia pet (me) brings you this month’s exciting beard style for your enjoyment and consideration.

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New Look!

Check out Detroit Chic’s redesigned page and start learning more about art, music, fashion, eats, and nightspots in Detroit!

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