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DIY Street Fair 2010

The weather has been chilly and rainy as we enter the fall season, but the sun decided to stick around long enough for the last big festival of summer: The DIY Street Fair in Ferndale

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The State Of DJ’s In The Electronic Scene
DJ Kitty

There is a trend in the electronic music clubs, much as there is to the “goth” look for non-goth music. The trend in the clubs is in the type of DJing, however. It seems they have to turn what they do into an artform and
become an artist themselves. “What do they do?” you ask. They do what is called “beat matching”. They set
their mixers to have every song play at the same beat. This means either speeding songs up or slowing them down so every song matches the same beat.

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Detroit’s Worst Kept Secret and Biggest Blunder: The 8 Mile Wall

    This brick wall has more social and racial connotations then just existing as a divider. The 8 Mile Wall north of Detroit stands as a lasting reminder of the barriers of past prejudices in the metro landscape.  And yet no one seems to be in a rush to take it down…      

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The Politics of Poverty

{moshits} Views       We live in an age when it’s trendy to be a humanitarian do-gooder.  Angelina Jolie receives praise for her volunteer work as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency (but isn’t widely recognized or remembered as a home-wrecker).  Tickets for documentaries highlighting poverty and human rights abuses sell for nine dollars a pop, the ticket-buyer not [...]

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