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The 4th Annual People’s Arts Festival
Installation Art

The last weekend of August heralded a festival brimming full of artistic talent. Every art form was represented; from sculpture to fashion Detroit has it all!

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Detroit 1-8-7

Detroit will finally receive its time in the limelight as the focus of a new prime time TV show, with a controversial focus on crime. This show is cited to be ABC’s breakout title this season.

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Niagara Nouveau
Niagara - "Bourbon"

Detroit’s Pop Art Princess has been getting around, with successful exhibits in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Sydney, Tokyo, and Traverse City…well a girl’s gotta début somewhere!! That’s right! Opening July 31st at InsideOut Gallery is Niagara’s first show in Michigan after ten years!

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Art Exhibition List – July / August
Joe Lewis Fist

Here is a random list of art exhibitions being held in and around the Metro Detroit Area. Enjoy!

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Texting Ban
Don't text while driving

The beginning of July brought a new law to Michigan making it illegal to read, type, or send text messages while driving.

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Vibram FiveFingers – More than a Foot Glove!

These innovative shoes are a sight to behold. Imagine the hybrid child of toe socks in combination with water shoes!

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Banksy in Detroit

Banksy – the world renowned graffiti artist- takes a liking to Detroit! New street art from Banksy has appeared at the Packard Plant after the original four dissipated.

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Melons be Squared!

This sight to behold is not a genetic mutation, for this square fruit is indeed real! Farmers in Japan have figured out the optimal way to grow, store, and display melons.

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Plum Street – Detroit’s Old Hippy Haven

San Francisco had Haight Ashbury… Detroit had Plum Street. This short-lived art community was the conduit of expression for the counterculture of the Motor City.

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Blackberries Chocolate Café – A Delicious Local Detroit Company

When it comes to chocolate, Blackberries Chocolate Café of Detroit makes their beloved treats as delicious works of art

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