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Christmas Movie Madness
It's a Wonderful Life

Don’t you wish you could enjoy your favorite Christmas films on the big screen this year? Well, you can! Several theaters around the Metro-Detroit area are showing time-honored flicks this December to get us all into the Christmas spirit.

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Lollapalooza Survival Guide

Summer festivals are at the pinnacle of popularity and seem to be getting hotter each year. With several returning fests and some debuting this year, one that most seem to know, even if they can’t pronounce it, is Lollapalooza.

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CD Review: The Black Keys- Attack and Release
The Black Keys

On April 1st, the blues-rock duo known as The Black Keys released their 5th album, Attack and Release. The band, hailing from Akron, Ohio, got a little help this time around from producer Danger Mouse (who also plays piano and organ on the record). Since the release, the fellas Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have received high praise and more media attention than usual, thanks to the new production.

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