April is Poetry Month!!

April is Poetry Month!!

Greetings, readers!  April is a very special month.  Since 1996 it has been designated as National Poetry month.  What is poetry?  Poetry is one of those simultaneously almost indescribable and altogether wonderful expressions of humanity.

Like visual art (graphics design, pastel, charcoal, paint, sculpture, ink, and more), poetry comes in many different shapes and forms.  Some are very formulaic and require a precise and meticulous formation.  But often master poets and amateurs alike adopt a more free flowing style.

You don’t need an English literature degree to appreciate poetry.  Like art, to the expert eye a poem may hold additional meanings, but much of interpretation is a personal journey.

Poems are best enjoyed out loud.  Though some may be embarrassed at first, you will find that they are the perfect accoutrement for your journeys to the coffee house, your nights camping in the woods, etc.

You can write your own poems.  But you can also find great meaning and self expression in the poems of others!  Much like you may be drawn to certain quotes, certain poems can sum up a indescribable sea of emotions in a careful procession of prose.

Detroit Chic is looking for volunteers who would like to share a poem of their creation with our community in honor of National Poetry Month.

As it would be unfair to hold you to a standard I can not fulfill my self, I’ll act as your first volunteer and try to contribute on a weekly basis.

For me poetry is something very near and dear to my heart.   I’ve been writing poems since my teenage years.  I still remember going to poetry workshops at my local library.  As I grew older in my teenage years, I felt embarrassed by those experiences.  ”Poetry” wasn’t exactly a cool thing to be into like “music” or “sports” — not at my high school, at least.

But as I grew older I came to appreciate how truly “cool” personally connecting with and celebrating poetry is.  There’d be no music, without a sense of poetry, and no one can deny music is about as cool as it gets!

I’ll admit I don’t always make time for poetry any more.  But I’m very grateful for its impact on me, I wouldn’t be the writer I am today without it.

To kick off the celebration of poetry month, I will share with you a poem I wrote today.  I wrote it soon after driving by a melting patch of snow, while listening to NPR’s discussion of Libya and the transition of leadership…

The Final Snow of Winter
There I sit.
The final ice of winter
A dirty white oasis of cool
That wraps up the last remains
Of dirt and dust, snow and sand, leaves and trash
There I sit.
Once I ruled the land,
But now,
My era is at an end.
Melt away.
But not today.
Today I will sit.
You will see me and remember
What the winter felt like.
The biting chill, all alone
Breath like a piercing tack
Beautiful crystal that felt like home
Skiing in a track.
But remember me for who I am,
This greedy miser of earth.
Remember me for you shall
Know me again.
For all that fades from this world
Shall be reborn
Somewhere, someplace.
Look at me and you look at your future.
For though I may depart in days, in weeks.
Gone into a million infitesimal
Specks of dew.
Soaked up inside of you.
In a year I will return.
One day soon, I will return.
You may forget me,
But do so at your own peril
For I,
The final snow of winter
For every crushing loss
For every death of hail
Shall return one day
Not so far away
With a frost-bit gale.
I am the final ice of winter
The white-bearded despot am I.
Look at me once more.
You are looking at your future.