The Detroit Metro area is full of little places that are easy to miss if  you’re driving faster than 30 mph. Take Woodward, for instance.  Shops, bars and restaurants are lined up one after another for  miles and miles. It takes a careful eye to pick up on some cool  hidden places, and if you’re ever on Royal Oak’s Main Street, you  may want to keep your eyes open for a little place called Luna.

Some of you may remember a few articles back when I reviewed the Bronx bar in Detroit, where I noted that dive bars are way better than dance clubs. While I still feel strongly about that opinion, Luna is my only exception to the rule. Now let me tell you why.

Most night clubs are obnoxious for a few reasons, but my No. 1 pet peeve is the house music. I feel like I could achieve the same quality of music by sitting in my basement thumping the bass drum on my set for hours and hours. Maybe I’m missing something that other people get, but it’s just not my thing. And if there’s no other reason to love Luna, at least love it for the fact that they actually play good music.

I went to Luna for the first time last month with the expectation that redundant bass-thumping would be present, and nothing else. I had no idea it was an ultra-hip indie dance club for people who like to dance, but not to bad music. During my first visit, I heard bands like Animal Collective, Weezer, Mates of State, and La Roux. YES.

While indie rock is mainly what you’ll hear at Luna (with the occasional mainstream pop/hip hop songs), the club has what they call Retro Thursdays, where you’ll mainly hear a lot of 80’s tunes. They have other special events every so often such as Prince night, where they strictly play Prince songs all night.

In addition to awesome music, Luna has pretty cheap drinks for those of you who need to throw back a few before hitting the dance floor. Drink specials are always going on, but if you go on Wednesdays, drinks are $1 from 9-10pm, $2 You Call Its from 9-11pm, and $3 from 11-midnight. Similar deals are available on other days of the week, such as shot specials every half hour on Saturdays.

Luna gets a lot of grief from people who claim it’s too “hipster,” but I also know plenty of people who love the place too. Personally, I think it’s fun to go out for a few hours and dance to songs I really enjoy, whether it’s “hipster” or not. So come check it out on 12 mile and Main Street. It’s a tiny, dark building that’s easy to miss, but look for the Coney Island across the street and you’re there. Doors are at 9pm.

For more information, visit Luna’s website here.