Installation ArtThe last weekend of August heralded a festival brimming full of artistic talent. Every art form was represented; from sculpture to fashion Detroit has it all!
Walking outside between the buildings of the Russell Industrial Center brought a treat for the senses. Several different types of music could be heard from every corner accompanied by visual delights. Between the Russell Stage and the Loading Dock stage, local Detroit musicians helped to set the tone. Every type of music genre was offered, from Jazz to Hip Hop Folk there was never a dull moment.
Dutch Pink

Indie Rock band Dutch Pink playing at the Russell Stage

A surprising amount and variety of vendors proudly displayed their goods.
Fashion wise, the well known Peace Love Spandex creator Angela McBride was there to show off her visual delight of clothing. Each piece is created using recycled fabrics, out of the box thinking which makes the wearer stand out from the pack. WOUND menswear held their spot with a variety of custom made men’s clothing that can be worn by anyone from business men to rock stars. The exclusive Femilia Couture illustrated their hand sewn organic trendy threads with the recent boast that one of their creations will be worn by native Detroiter Julia Torchine to the Emmys!
Art Gallery 323East was there selling locally designed t-shirts and graffiti supplies. Part of my visit on Sunday afternoon consisted of watching an artist causing some waves on the side of the RIC as pictured below.

A work in progress

There were tons of jeweler makers of every type. One that stuck out in my eyes was Lisa, the creator of Afterlife. Her collection had a vibrant natural touch, with rings and necklaces made with things like rocks and fossils. A big seller was the variety of feather earrings. Another interesting feature was her hair pins that consisted of plastic frogs and butterflies on colorful backgrounds. Lisa plans on creating an Etsy account, but until then she can be reached at
Pictured: Fossil Necklace, Rock Ring, & Frog Hairpin by Afterlife

Pictured: Fossil Necklace, Rock Ring, & Frog Hairpin by Afterlife

Another interesting vendor was Painted Lady Trashions who specializes in using recycled materials to make jewelry and house hold art. At the fair she was in the process of creating a bowl by heating together G.I. Joe figurines. What originally caught my eye were her earrings made out of the cut out faces of dolls. She also sold records that were made into bowls and bracelets. Heather Wright can be reached at
The amazing self taught painter Audrey Pongracz could be located through the iconic look of her female subjects. Her paintings have a dream like quality that borders on the edge of indifference and desire.
"Gooses Geeses" by Audrey Pongracz

"Gooses Geeses" by Audrey Pongracz. Image from

Emi Slade is an artist that can do it all. She can create vivid multihued underwater creations in the form of paintings or sculptures. Her fascination for sea life and self taught passion for art makes Emi’s wonderful creations stand out from the crowd. They have a whimsical look but realistic edge that releases creative endorphins to any onlooker.

A sea creature by Emi Slade. Purchase her creations at

This article only references a few of the talents seen at the PAF. The entire weekend was a celebration of local talent that was so capturing that I can’t wait to attend the fifth annual festival next year!
The 4th Annual Peoples Arts Festival

The 4th Annual Peoples Arts Festival. August 28-29, 2010