What would you call “window shopping  on-line”? Virtual browsing? Computer screen shopping?  Screen scanning? Whatever you want to categorize it as, I do a lot of it.
Chelsea Von MachI never actually purchase items on-line, because I enjoy the instant gratification of buying an item in a store. I mostly just browse on-line shops such as Shop Bop, Net-a-Porter, Top Shop, and Asos and make wish lists of things I only dream of purchasing once my pockets get a little deeper. Oh the agony of being a 23 year old starving artist!
So here are my top 10 hot picks for this month:
1. Juicy Couture High Tops (www.shopbop.com)
2. Isabel Marant Chain Mail Scarf (www.net-a-porter.com)
3. Jimmy Choo Leopard Loafers (www.net-a-porter.com)
4. Night Cap Clothing Flamingo Skirt (www.shopbop.com)
5. Philippe Audibert Cuff (www.net-a-porter.com)
6. Sass & Bide Body Suit (www.shopbop.com)
7. JCrew Mongolian Lamb Tote (www.jcrew.com)
8. Top Shop Varsity Jacket (www.topshop.com)
Top Shop Varsity Jacket
9. Rebecca Minkoff Leopard Print Pants (www.shopbop.com)
10. Asos Heart Cardigan (www.asos.com)
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