Beard Image (square)Looking for a cool new way to grow your beard?  Or looking to give your significant other some beard advice?  Check out this month’s beard style!

Jason MickFor guys, making a fashion statement can be a bit tougher than women.  Our fashionable dress clothes tend to be a bit more — mundane.  But we do have one big asset that can be dangerously fun when used properly — facial hair.  While not everyone appreciates facial hair, it is one of the best time-honored ways for us dudes to show that, yes, we have a bit of fashion sense too.

There’s a handful of beard/facial hair style sheets online like this one , but I like to come up with my own beard styles.  Being a human chia pet isn’t easy, but I’ll try to occasionally provide you with the better example’s of my work.

This month’s facial hair style is a mix of a bit of a goatee, mid-thickness side burns, and thin rising facial hair lines to either side of the mouth.  It’s sort of edgy like the fu manchu, but doesn’t have a mustache involved (a good thing — mustaches tend to turn off many women, for certain logistical reasons).

I couldn’t find a name for this style (I may have created it, though someone else surely has worn their beard like it).  I’m calling it the Mediterranean, as I think it has a Southern French-ish look to it.

Here’s me with the style and a helpful illustration of where to clean shave and where to trim (note my clean shave needs a bit of a touchup in the provided image).

Beard Style -- Me Beard Style -- Drawing

Some helpful tips:
+ For clean shaves first use an electric trimmer, then an electric razor, then finally a disposable razor.  If you have access to a female’s razor selection, a leg razor actually makes for a great clean shave and saves you from pesky shaving cuts (they’re much gentler).  If you do use standard male disposable razors, go for the high end ones (Schick has a nice selection).  My advice would be NEVER to use the super-cheap male two blade razors like the Gillette, I consider those a one way ticket to cutting your neck up (though I have at least one friend who swears by them).
+ The hardest part of having a beard style is maintenance.  Use your trimmer on your electric razor and a gentle sweeping motion over your beard to cut off hairs in the protected region that are getting overly long.  Run you hands through your beard to disturb curled up hairs, to prevent long ones from hiding.
+ Pull your skin flat on your neck when going for a clean shave.  This helps avoid cuts.
+ Work with what you got.  Not everyone (particular those under 30) has super-thick facial hair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a fashion that works for you.  Once you’ve selected a style, develop a trimming regiment that keeps an appropriate level of coverage based on how much hair you have and how fast it grows.