When it comes to chocolate, Blackberries Chocolate Café makes their beloved treats as delicious works of art!

What would you do if someone offered you a chocolate Turtle the size of a softball? Your imagination is not running wild; Turtles of that size are the “signature” product of this Detroit based company.

In 1997, Roz and her late husband Alexander Neal, were inspired to create this “signature” turtle from their home. Now, Roz has collaborated with Forward Motion Productions in a commitment to spread the word.

Unlike any candy in the candy bar aisle, this chocolate is the real thing. “BLACKBERRIES chocolates are handcrafted from freshActive Image ingredients, with no added preservatives.  Using the freshest ingredients available – BLACKBERRIES custom blends our products from the finest of chocolates.” (blackberriescc.com)

Leading a love affair with chocolate, Roz has perfected every product. Creamy smooth chocolate, rich chewy caramel, along with fresh fruit and nuts will quench every indulgence.

Some delicacies offered:

Hand Dipped Fruit – choose from apples pears and strawberries dipped in the chocolate of yourchoice

Pretzel Rods – the classic snack dipped in caramel, milk chocolate, and rolled in nuts

“Signature” Turtles – an extra large version of only the best!

“Signature” Bark – sheets of cracked chocolate laced with pistachios, cashews and raisins

Unique Favors and Molded Items are also available

Blackberries is available to do weddings, showers, special events, corporate gifts, and elegant parties. Wine & chocolate pairing parties are available in the Metropolitan Detroit area. There is also a Turtle Road Show touring that may be in a city near you.

To find a retailer near you: http://www.blackberriescc.com/directions.html

Official Website: www.blackberriescc.com

Contact information:


(248) 312-8425