Floral PrintFloral is one of the season’s most popular patterns!

Masses of flowers have taken a turn in the fashion world, bombarding spring store fronts. From runways to retail racks, floral prints have bloomed onto the spring scene. Petite petals and grand flowered patterns decorate this season’s hottest dresses and blouses and grant them rich texture…

(Photo caption courtesy of Whatever Life magazine, all article photos by Shaneia Caldwell and Detroit Chic, courtesy of respective merchandisers)

Shaneia CaldwellDesigns vary from the artistic, paint-brushed version seen in the Dolce & Gabbana collection, the tropical prints shown by Diane Von Furstenberg or the long stemmed blooms stenciled on a skirt from Dries Van Noten.  The attractive floral patterns take on a life of their own and have a garden party with fashion.

“Everyone has been buying floral stuff. It’s the new big thing for spring,” said Domonique, salesperson at Aldo Accessories.

The pattern can be worn in almost every setting. Whether you are in the office, enjoying the nightlife, or running errands, you can look chic in this latest trend.

Lovely florals can sprout into long gorgeous dresses. Sweeping dresses are no longer reserved for formal affairs. For a hot springtime look to last you the whole day, pair a flowered print gown with a pair of flats for day wear and stilettos for the night.

If you are daring enough to mix and match, combine orange and pink tiny petals with over-exaggerated blooms to get the full-effect.  The look is sure to catch eyes if pulled off correctly.

For those looking to dip into the floral scene, without quite such a strong contrast, throw on a neutral paisley blouse with solid bottoms to follow the flower movement without going all the way.

To accentuate this pattern, grab a pair of colorful floral pumps and scarf to wear with a solid silhouette of choice.

                   Guess Shoe
    Pictured: Floral pumps by Guess $90, one example of the spring's hot floral-pattern fashions 

Have some confidence when experimenting with floral designs: 
“If you are the right type of person you could pull off anything,” said Kyle Patterson, sales manager at Express.

                   Floral Wallet by Aldo
    Pictured: Affordable and stylish: floral wristlet wallet by Aldo Accessories $20

You can have a floral frenzy at every price point, making this a fashion for everyone. Shop at BeBe, Guess, Express, Betsey Johnson, Love Culture, Gap and Shi by Journeys to follow one of the major trends this spring.