"If you feel like struttin', baby go on and strut."

     Todd Alsup’s music is often classified using three words: rock, pop and soul. Although I am not certain that these three words hold an accurate description for the happenings when Alsup sits behind the piano or simply stands on stage, it was not the genre of music that attracted me to this artist, but rather his lyrics and evident passion…

(Pictures courtesy of "Facts & Figures" 2008 MajorWho Media) 

     Perhaps before I get into my enthusiasm for Alsup's writing, it will be useful to illustrate what lies behind his lyrics. When discussing Alsup's music, I have heard comparisons to Stevie Wonder, John Legend and even Gavin DeGraw (coincidentally, Rodney Howard, the drummer on Alsup's latest EP, "Facts and Figures," has also worked with DeGraw). Alsup performs his songs behind a piano, and while the rock/pop themes can differ from song to song, the soul theme carries through. 

     The unique quality of this now New-Yorker/Detroit-area native’s music lies in his ability to express inspiring lyrics while avoiding the whole tacky factor. It is not often that a singer can declare, “You’re a one of a kind superstar,” without falling into a  nauseating musical category. Somehow, though, Alsup pulls it off. “So if  you feel like struttin’, baby go on and strut,” he encourages in  his superstar song, “One of a Kind.”

         Not all of Alsup’s self-written lyrics fall into this direct hit of inspiration, but his songs do all contain a sort of catharsis, even if just in the fact that, as is especially evident in his live performance, it consists of a sincere man, creating music for which he is clearly passionate.                                                                                                           

      In “The Good Fight,” Alsup places importance on passion, as he discusses people who have sacrificed things they have passion for in order to support themselves through a normal life. He states his personal preference, which includes living his life in a pair of jeans. Following this, Alsup clarifies that he has no problem with “working hard and paying dues,” but, “if it means waking up uninspired, what’s the use?” 

     The artist, currently with MajorWho Media, recently released his latest EP, “Facts and Figures,”  an album with “One of a Kind,” “The Good Fight” and  three other songs. My personal favorite, “Theory,” is, according to Alsup’s introduction at the album's release party, a favorite of the ladies.  Then there are “Status Quo,” a mellow, easy-listening, soulful song and  “Down This Way,” a fun song with more of a pop rock feel.

    Pictured: Indepedent pop rock artist Todd Alsup confidently delivers passionate and heartfelt lyrics.  Not surprisingly, the talented singer comes from the Detroit area, and he hasn't forgotten his roots to the city.

     Alsup was recently in Pontiac for a private album release party in The Crofoot's Pike Room, where he charmed us all with a performance of songs from “Facts and Figures.” The charming continued off stage, as Alsup  made sure to spend a significant amount of time covering the room. He created and maintained a comfortable, fun atmosphere for each of his guests. Alsup now continues to share his music with New York, but I encourage a watch for his return. Until then, grab yourself a copy of “Facts and Figures,” available to order on Alsup’s website, at www.toddalsup.com.