Hinterland Album CoverMoody, New Wave-Flavored Dreampop At Its Best
Band/Singer: Hinterland
Album Title: Pan Pan Medico
Release Date: 2/19/2008 (on Submerged Records)
Genre: Pop/Indie/New Wave
Rating:  ****  out of 5 stars
Running Time: 49:52

(All pictures courtesy of Hinterland and Submerged Records)

Rob Thumbnail    “Pan Pan Medico” is the third CD by Vancouver band Hinterland.  It is a bit more on the poppy side than their first release “Under The Waterline”, though the darker elements from previous releases are still here.  
    The album takes its title from a nautical distress call, and the lyrics of singer Michaela Galloway more often than not express a strong desire to escape-from obsessive thoughts, from earthly bonds, and from deep-seated resentment.
    One of the best songs is the beautiful “Future Ghost”.  The music is very reminiscent of late 80’s or early 90’s Cure B-Sides.  The song asks questions that we all ask at one time or another.  “Can I hold it together?  Be here when you need me?  Be who you need me to be?”
    Another stand out song is "Magellan (Sail From The Sun)”.  It has a feel very much like the songs on “Under The Waterline”, the bands previous release.  It is indie pop with some nice synth-lines.  
    Other stand out songs are “You Speak <I’m Silent>”, “Detwiller Pavilion”, and the song “Constants” which has a very unique sound.

                            Hinterland Pic
    Pictured:  Hinterland from right to left: Greg Steffenson, John Lucas, Greg Williams, Michaela Galloway, Cameron McLellan

   Another beautifully crafted song is “Geometry”, which begins with just Michaela Galloway and her moog (synthesizer).  It then builds into chorus refrains, only to return back to the beautiful voice and moog for the verses.

        Hinterland Pic 2
    Pictured:  Michaela Galloway, pictured far left, brings to life a dreamy brand of synth-driven pop that will bring you back to memories of the 80s and early 90s.

    This album is not as good as “Under The Waterline”, but it shows the band has grown immensely between that album and their second offering “The Picture Plane”.  This is moody, new wave-flavored dreampop at its best.  This CD is a must have for fans of Cocteau Twins, The Cure, Ladytron, Sigur Ros, and Mew.  I highly recommend this, as well as their first two CD’s.

Track Listing:
1. Detwiller Pavilion
2. 300.6
3. Somatoform
4. The Lepidopterist
5. Future Ghost
6. Magellan (Sail From The Sun)
7. You Speak <I'm Silent>
8. Constants
9. Geometry
10. The First, The Last
11. Titled
12. The Sentinel