Honest Tea    Ever just get sick of that sugar crash in-between drinking your beverages?  Well a sincere solution has finally come – Honest Tea! This company offers a variety of low calorie, Organic, Kosher, Fair Trade beverages that work to improve the world in an Honest way.  And they taste really good!


(All Pictures Courtesy of Honest Tea)

Lynette Thumbnail    Honest Tea strives for greatness. The company lives up to its socially responsible image and brand name through honest relationships with its customers, suppliers and the environment.  To get the word out the company sells Honest Tea and Ades available in either glass or plastic bottle. For plastic bottles the company uses PETE 1, which is fully recyclable, doesn’t leach chemicals, and requires less energy to produce and ship.

    Honest Tea offers a fine line of tea bags, which allows you be a brew some flavorful tea at home, while Honest Kids is an easy selection for parents trying to find a healthy drink for their children. To help end the obesity epidemic Honest Tea offers beverages that range from no sugar to “a tad sweet”, made with organic cane sugar.

    While surfing the site I was surprised to learn the truth over why the company strives for organic. The Honest truth about the tea companies is that in production,   “a tea leaf is never washed. In fact, the first time tea leaves touch water is when they are brewed moments before the tea is drunk” (http://www.honesttea.com/).  The new knowledge that each cup of tea prior to this moment has been a steamy cup of pesticides may be a bit disturbing to some. Paying the extra cost for Organic ensures the drink to be “produced without antibiotics, pesticides, irradiation or bioengineering”.

                                Honest Tea - Sugar
    Pictured:  Its pretty easy to see how even "a tad sweet" Honest Tea is far better for you that soda.  Just look at a pictorial depiction in the respective amounts of sugar in each beverage.

    The company also offers Fair Trade Certified teas. By promoting fair trade, the workers receive a fair share of the profit. This means that the estate growing the product ensures the quality and fairness. One example to show the extra benefits of buying Fair Trade is demonstrated by the Makaibri estate, located in Darjeeling in northern India. By working with  Honest Tea, this estate was able to open the Makaibari Computer Center as a way to ensure local children a way to gain today’s necessary computer literacy skills.

    Honest Tea is earnest about helping the community and reaches out in many ways.  Each blend of Honest Tea supports its own social project.  Community Green Tea, is used to help the neighborhood through community service program in New York. First Nation Tea works with The Crow Indian Community to harvest their peppermint leaves as a solution to high unemployment rates.

    Pictured: The Orange Mango with Mangosteen is packed with antioxidants.  And when you drink it, you're support fair trade and humanitarian efforts.

    A partnership with TerraCycle encourages kids to recycle. By sending in the Honest Kids pouches children learn the values of reusing materials, since company makes the pouches into unique fashion bags.( http://www.terracycle.net/dpb). In another Honest Tea effort directed towards developing environmental awareness in children, Honest Tea has made a deal with the Arbor Day Foundation that lets kids send away for a new tree sapling.  These saplings will eventually grow into mighty trees, removing carbon dioxide and pollutants from the air, and offering green and shade.

    The Honest Tea Company started from humble beginnings.  Co-founders Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff of the Bethesda, Maryland company, founded the entire business based on a study conducted by Nalebuff. As a business school professor, “Barry had just returned from India where he had been analyzing the tea industry for a case study. Among other things, he learned that most of the tea purchased for bottling by American companies was the lower quality dust and fannings left after quality tea had been produced. Barry had even come up with a name to describe a bottled tea that was made with real tea leaves—Honest Tea.” (honesttea.com/) After a trip to Whole Foods resulting in the first large order, the company was officially launched in Febuary of 1998.

To learn more click on http://www.honesttea.com/.  To find a location near you visit http://www.honesttea.com/community/find/.