Streetlight Cd Cover

Band: Streetlight Manifesto
Album Title: Somewhere In the Between
Release Date: November 13, 2007
Grade: Must have!



Anna Thumbnail“Somewhere in the Between” was well worth the wait. All the time that the band’s been off the map was obviously well spent in the studio working on their catchy and explosive material. This new album not only keeps with the band’s high energy punk roots but brings something entirely new to the table.

The brass section in this album is particularly extraordinary. The general trend in ska is a simple horn melody repeated around the chorus. Streetlight breaks with this trend, incorporating brass solos and intricate melodies throughout the entire album. The brass is an integral part of all the songs, enhancing each completely. Raspy vocals, by lead vocalist Tom Kalnoky, one of Streetlight's signature traits, help to bring the listener back to recollections of previous albums.  However the addition of melodic vocals complements these vocals, unlike past albums, emphasizing an important way the band has grown.

Another great thing about this new album is that it is characterized by a breakdown in the middle of the song that demonstrates their punk roots. Those roots are also evident in the deeper meaning readily available. While many other ska bands sing about silly (yet awesome) things, Streetlight leads the front to substantial and inspiring lyrics while still maintaining their upbeat danceable edge.

Streetlight already swept thought the motor city and are coming again to the Majestic on Wednesday, March 23rd but if you like upbeat jams and a new more complicated ska then get started on listening to this all around excellent album.

                 Streetlight Manifesto
           Pictured:  Streetlight Manifesto, shown here performing at the Ottobar in Baltimore, has a dynamic live act showcasing its brass section and encouraging crowd enthusiasm.  From left to right: Chris Paszik, Tomas Kalnoky, Dan Ross, Jim Conti, and Mike Soprano. (Image courtesy of