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ImageEver see something so attention-grabbing, that you just have to have it? Well, this is sure to happen when you check out the dazzling fashion line from Escama….
(Escama "Gladiator" belt pictured right)

Lynette ThumbnailEscama is an avant-garde company who combines fashion, recycling, and ethics all in one. How, you ask? By making purses out of recycled pop can tops!


Purchasing a product from Escama can create a crowd-stopping addition to anyone's wardrobe. This company offers several types of purses and will soon carry jewelry and belts. When viewing the line, be sure to take each object at a slow pace and avoid rash decisions; it’s hard to not want to buy everything! The shiny but sleek pop can tops produce a chainmail effect that fools any eye. The best part about these eye-catching accessories is the reaction from the curious observer.




Pic:  The "Masha" Silver purse uses    Pic: The "Tonia" clutch!

about 1,600 tabs.                               …Available in white and silver.


In order to fully astound the consumer, the website lists how many post consumer pop can tops are used to make the article. When placing your order, choices are vast and many items have the option to change the color and size, unique to your own personal taste. And to fully personalize the work of art, a label tells the name of the artist who hand crocheted the purse.

Escama is based out of Brazil and is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, making sure that all of their artists get the credit and wages that they deserve.


Don't miss out any longer, go and check out the web-site at www.Escama.com.


WARNING: After purchasing, do not be startled when people go to touch your purse – no one is trying to steal it, the design is just so irresistible and intriguing.