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Black Tulips    After years of the same old tradition it's about time Valentine's Day gets revamped! February 14th is a day to celebrate fresh love, not a holiday of some monotonous routine. Bring back the adoration and show your sweetheart you truly care by skewing traditional, sterotypical customs….

Pictured:  Black Tulips make the perfect Valentines Day gift.


Lynette ThumbnailThinking outside of the box may seem hard but when you really care making the transition from boring to bold is actually quite simple.

Begin this journey by analyzing the traditional Valentine's Day routine.

First off, ask yourself: when did pink, red, and white become the only colors associated with love? Thinking that only pink and red represent love will only limit your possibilities for passion. Go out there and rebel! Be venturesome and find a gift that is not traditional, find a gift that isn't pink and red, find your passion and run with it.

 Now when it comes to tackling this new found gift dilemma, there are plenty of ideas. For simplicity, I'll stick with a unisex idea. Now don't just sit and wonder how on earth can I find something that is out of the “love” color pallet yet still pleases both men and women? I have one simple answer – flowers.

 Who does not find the gift of flowers irresistible? (Yes even men secretly agree.) But before you rush to the nearest florist- do yourself a favor and skip the boring routine of shipping expensive cut flowers that will die in a day. Enhance this gift even more by taking it to the next level: the “Love Fern” stage. Making this move shows top commitment.

Painted Fern

PicThe Japanese Painted Fern sports a cool frosted looked
                 making it an ideal "Love Fern" candidate.  Also goes well
                 with sushi.

Sounds too daunting, too difficult? It really is quite easy!

Make sure to purchase a plant (NOT cut flowers) that is meant to eventually have a home outside and is easy to care for. Then with little effort you have a gift that is long lasting, affordable and has the ability to last a lifetime. After a few years of Valentine's Day, all of those small tokens of affection will eventually turn into a “Garden of Love.” With time this easy, simple twist on a traditional gift will grow into a healthy reminder of love.

Tip: For beginners, check out any location that sells flowers and ask what bulbs are easy to care for and have a high success rate. For the veteran, visit the local nursery to take the “Garden of Love” to the next level by finding a non-traditional plant just as unique as your special someone