Dear Readers:
You have found your way to Detroit Chic, a spot which I hope will become a bit of an oasis for you in the vast expanse of cold internet. I’d like to briefly tell you a bit about what the site stands for, and why it should interest you….

Jason Thumbnail Arts, music, fashion, local events — these are the threads that weave the fabric of our daily lives. Detroit is incredibly wealthy; not in money, but in a continuing legacy of artistic talent.  Here in Detroit there is a vibrant arts scene, both in more established circles and in the underground community of undiscovered talent.
The idea of a website chronicling this wealth we enjoy in Detroit — a place to share and expose talented musicians, writers, and artists — coalesced in my mind only a couple months ago. Having been a veteran to the blogging and online reporting industry for almost 5 years now, I have seen a bit of what it takes to create a successful online media entity. However, until recently I had never thought of founding something of this scope.
Deeply transforming personal and social experiences of the last few months finally bubbled the idea into existence. From there it quickly blossomed into something that promises greatness. This formation is deeply owing to the great individuals on my team here at Detroit Chic, that are an outstanding microcosm of the wealth of talent in the Detroit area.
I am privileged to have two terrific editors, Elizabeth DeRoo and Stefanie Bohde, both who went to Oakland University and studied in the English and Journalism departments. I’m privileged to have a terrific group of columnists with diverse backgrounds and experiences. For brevity I will thank them in mass, but I plan to run a feature on one columnist a month to help you, the reader, get to know these interesting individuals. And certainly not to be forgotten is my web designer Matt Majewski, who helped bring idea to reality, online.
Without these great individuals this site would not be possible. However, the site is equally owing to the culture of Detroit. So many bands of 20-something college students around the city work so hard to practice their art all while trying to juggle work, school, and a social life. The same can be said of many young artists and writers in the area. These people labor largely unheralded, so its time they get some recognition outside a small group of peers.
The site also owes a debt of respect to publications Real Detroit and Metro Times. These publications always provide outstanding coverage on paper of much of Detroit’s best nightlife. However, the internet is the wave of the future, mores now than ever, and news is destined to move online. So while these publications blazed the way, Detroit Chic looks to stand unparalleled in online coverage. Also, Detroit Chic‘s writer base is very young; youth is a dangerous thing, and it will give Detroit Chic an edge. Traditional Detroit publications have stuck to ground level. This is good, we look to provide some coverage of this stuff. However, we want to transcend this, going underground and bringing you the most exciting culture in Detroit and its surround areas — the kind that typically gets little if any attention in the press.
There will be growing pains, but we hope to provide you readers with something great; we are all working hard to do exactly this.
Let me elaborate briefly on a couple of the great features we have, or will be soon up. Particularly of interest to local writers is the submissions of the month, a selection of poetry, comics, lyrics, and short stories by some of Detroit’s best undiscovered writers. Anyone can submit anything, so if you write, don’t be shy to submit. A similar monthly art gallery will provide local artists with a chance to submit their work for online viewing, helping them build and share their portfolio and get noticed.
Last but perhaps most exciting, is a feature I came up with “the Band Wall”. This is a groundbreaking way for local musicians to get noticed. The Wall will be one of this site’s pages and will be a large scrollable page with a set of slots. When logged in, you can upload band fliers to these slots, advertising your upcoming shows. Here’s where the real fun begins — after your fliers been up for a set number of days, if the wall is full, your flier can be “ripped down” by another user, so they can put up their flier in its place. You can do the same to other fliers. The idea is a friendly competitive spirit that will encouraged motivated bands to draw attention to themselves. The feature will be moderated to prevent bands from covering the whole wall or post non-concert related content. This promises to be a revolutionary marketing tool for local Detroit acts.
On top of these features, we promise to deliver terrific news coverage, no punches pulled editorials, diy sections on various arts, and professional reviews of local nightspots.
So without much further ado, welcome to Detroit Chic, thank you for reading, and I hope you find many an item to hold your interest in these pages. The site truly does have something for everyone, and you are no exception.

Jason R. Mick
President and Senior Editor
of Detroit Chic